The "cyclists" off season

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Welcome to my first blog since the creation of my website . This website is based around my lifestyle and of course my business, a cafe where everyone is welcome to come and enjoy.

Its that time of year for a racing cyclist, Lets talk "Off season".

Its about no pressure, to relax, thats what I like to feel, to feel that I dont "have" to exert myself, less sacrifices and a bit more chub around the waist.

How do I relax?

Kicking back, knowing that riding your bike is not an essential part of my day, riding maybe for an hour, only when I really fancy it, I will have around 2-4 weeks of this kind of thinking.

For my clients, I leave them to their own devises for a couple of weeks. I add #offeason as a period within a complete cycling season. Periodising your year is what any coach will do, clients will ask, what to do, when, for how long? Well for #offseason , its do what you want for a while.

As a coach, being personal, to know your client and his/her life demands, is a MUST. One thing we all need is an #offseason, that we have in common, and to have had a successful #offseason is also a target that must be ticked.

I have a penciled in structure engraved in my mind, its where my state of mind changes, as racing comes closer and things need to be tightened up. Therefore I like to set dates, a guide to when switches need to be flicked, when pressure needs to be added and structure introduced.

Its funny my cycling career, its taken many turns and like many domestic Professionals, you ride a bit of a wave. Its most certainly not what the general public perceive it to be, and with the present crisis that British Elite road racing is in, I believe that the general cyclist and person is more at one with what being a domestic rider in tales. Twitter, blogs, the recent demise of teams such as "JLT Condor" are a few means that has allowed people to see this.

Forgive Me for going on small tangents, within My blog I sometimes find myself justifying my reasonings and often go off topic with my "more than average" writing skills ;-) But, Im going to stick with it, unique and all that...

"Back on track"

The feeling that you have sufficiently completed #offseason a feeling that maybe leaves you a little out of breath from running up the stairs, because of one too many night's out.....? or a few too many McDonald's....? the feeling of being "normal".....?

I feel that my muscles are no longer constantly aching, or maybe that all those little niggles and injuries have now gone, which again is why down time is important.

But it doesn't take long for me to have that fire back in my stomach,to be motivated to reach new heights. To realise that living the #offseason lifestyle is not for me, but to feel that, you must experience it, even if its to remind you.

I believe your body can change quite significantly during the #offseason and is always a good idea to get a good bike fit before training re commences. People often are shocked when I say that I will go and get my position looked at annually, but thats me, I need piece of mind before training begins, and never has a bike fit been a waste of time in my experience.

Im sat here on my sofa writing this blog, as my head slightly pounds from a drink too many from last nights celebrations of the 20 year anniversary of our local bike shop "Summit Cycles". Yes its my #offseason and hopefully I have shared one or two points that will help you in enjoying your well earned down time.

Thanks for reading

Gruff x

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